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Patio glass door repair

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Angies List Reviews

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07/11/2016  – Andrew
Mission Viejo
The service went great. Owen showed up on time and went right to work. He replaced the rollers, 
the stopper, the screen, and cleaned and fixed everything that needed fixing. Our door is just like new 
again and is very, very easy to slide. Owen cleaned up everything so well that you wouldn't even know we had any work done except that the door works GREAT now! We thought we'd have to replace the door, but Owen fixed it and saved us thousands of dollars. I highly recommend The Patio Door Guy!
04/27/2016  – paul
Outstanding personal service and work! Found him on the Internet with a well put together website. 
Originally only need a patio door handle replaced but added the screen repair after thinking about it. 
Prior to arriving, he asked for photos to be emailed for his an assessment. We sent and arranged for a time slot. He arrived on time and began. Installation was quick and professional. The screen was replaced inside the original frame, which saved us money. The patio door handle was a real good match as he had sent us many emails on door handle selection prior to installation. This helped us a lot. The work took less than half a day and the job was completed
11/30/2015  – Sofia
Yorba Linda
He was prompt, professional and knowledgable. We didn't know that our doors could work so 
smoothly, like brand new doors again! Saved us a lot of money because we were going to replace 
doors, but now we won't have to for years! We will definitely use again if needed and we recommend The Patio Door Guy to others. 
09/21/2015  – Dana
I am beyond happy and satisfied with the service provided. I honestly don't believe that the patio 
door and sliding door worked as efficient as it does now the day it was installed new. New rollers were 
installed and both doors had alignment issues. Adjustments were made along with having to trim the size of the glass sliding door. All the work was completed timely, clean and professional. Again I couldn't be more pleased!! 
06/23/2015  – James
Orange, CA 92869
The owner knows his stuff. Both my screen door and main patio door were hard to 
slide after 15 years of use. After replacing the rollers on both doors and adjusting them the doors are 
better than new. I was happy with the work and the price and would use The Patio Door Guy again. 
06/17/2015  – lynn
Newport Beach
After determining what needed to be done, Owen got right to work removing the doors. My 
husband was home and offered to cut the tops of the doors down under Owen's guidance. Owen 
carried the doors outside to where he gave instructions of how much to cut off. Both doors were cut and brought back into the house in no time. Owen put on new wheels, rehung and adjusted the door and was finished in a little more than an hour. The door now glide like butter. Owen knows patio doors. 
02/06/2015  – Laura
Corona Del Mar
I am very happy with The Patio Door Guy's service! He answered all my questions on the phone and 
was available the day after my call. I appreciated that he had me send him photos of the door handles 
prior to coming to my house to ensure that he had the materials he needed to do the job. He called prior to the appointment time to confirm his arrival. One of my doors was was very "heavy" because it needed new rollers, and he quickly set to work to fix it. Now the door literally glides smoothly and effortlessly. Bottom line, if you have issues with sliding glass doors, this guy knows what he's doing and I recommend him without reservation. 
01/17/2015  – Steve
I was very happy with Owen and the quality of his work. He truly did an outstanding job! I 
recommended him to my in-laws and they used him at their house as well. We went from a screen door 
that would not stay on the track to a beautiful new and sturdy screen door. We went from a glass slider that sounded like a jet taking off to a silent door requiring one finger (I'm not exaggerating!) to open and close. He worked his tail off and was at my house several hours. I was home and saw what he did, and it was worth every cent. The only (minor) downside was it sometimes took a while for him to return my calls, but if he worked at other jobs like he did at mine, then I see why he was too busy to call back right away. I could not be happier, would recommend him to anyone, and will ABSOLUTELY use him again! 

Yahoo Reviews

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

  • 08/09/11
    I have never written a recommendation for a business in 56 years of life. Mostly because I was not impressed enough. I have a patio door that has been here for 46 years. As you could imagine it was a pile of junk. I described my door over the phone and received a quote. The Patio Door Guy came on our agreed day and went to work. This door has never had service proper cleaning, was falling apart at the frame and I had used axle grease on the tracks just to able to drag it open causing the demise of several door handles. This said he went work, I am sure he wished he had quoted me higher because the work it took to fix it. One and half hours later I have a door that glides, no kidding with one finger, it is just like new the way it moves!! He stuck with his quote and I can not recommend HIGHLY enough. If you have a problem door no matter how bad CALL HIM if he can fix it he will and you will be very happy!!
  • Owen is the best. The rollers on my mammoth 8" patio doors were a mess, but they should not be much of job to replace, had their original installation been done right. It was so bad that it was next to impossible to get the slider out of the track to replace the wheels. I was ready to give up on the door and eat the cost of a new install. Owen knew the workaround and the bad wheels were out in 5 minutes. I not only saved a bundle, he alerted me to the fact that the patio doors had been installed without a security screw. That was another instant fix.
  • Thanks for fixing my 30 year old sliding glass patio door! I was pleasantly surprised to have the repair done efficiently and thoroughly, and for a reasonable price. I would recommend this company to all who need an old door work better than new!!
by CML in YL


The patio door guy, Owen, is the best. My sliding doors were hard to open with two hands and now they slide easily with one finger. I thought I was going to have to replace the doors but Owen fixes them like new. In fact, he does not even sell new doors. My screens needed to be replaced and since I have cats he advised me to upgrade to the heavier screens. I am happy I did because they are definitely more durable against cat claws. He gives good advise about keeping doors on track. I accidentally knocked off track the patio door because it slid back really fast  oops! But, I could see where the wheels were supposed to be and fixed it myself. Thanks, Owen!!

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by greg


He is the best! On time, very professional, and did excellent work. My 8' aluminum slider was in such bad shape It was very difficult to use. I was surprised that he was able to make it like new. I am so glad I got it repaired instead of purchasing the new model I was considering. New double rollers. felt and a lot of expertise in adjustments made a 100% improvement. I was told up front if I wasn't satisfied I didn't have to pay him. He was worth way more than he charged.
Greg in Placentia

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by Tito


We called "The Patio Door Guy" because the sliding glass door wouldn't lock shut. He showed up on time and did the job for a reasonable price. He did a great job reviewing and replacing the patio door track and rollers. The big 8 foot sliding door that even my wife had a hard time opening can now be opened and closed by my grandmother with ease.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by GFM


He showed up on time.
Did a great job.
Did it for the amount agreed upon.
What more can you ask.
My door slams now. I have to be gentle.